Attention UUMS Students;

We greet you with the love of God.  The Unity Urban Ministerial School is happy to announce that the 2019 Charles and Myrtle Fillmore Scholarship Fund is now open for applications. This Scholarship Application is available both online and by contacting the Scholarship Committee Chairperson Reverend Dr. Brenda Harger,, 248-528-2364. Completed entries must be received no later than 12:00 A.M. EST April 12, 2019.   


Applicants must submit the following three (3) items:

1. Letter of Application:  A Letter of Application must be addressed to the UUMS Charles and Myrtle Fillmore Scholarship Committee. The letter must contain the applicant’s biographical background information and a brief explanation of the applicant’s career goals. 

2.Three (3) letters of recommendation:  Applicant is to provide three (3) recent letters of reference from teachers, employers, friends or individuals who have knowledge of applicant’s character, experience or community involvement.

3. An essay as defined below.


The applicant must have completed the first year of study at UUMS by December 31, 2018. Completion of the first year is defined as having successfully finished 400 hours of required UUMS first year classes and/or having been a student consistently for one full year at UUMS. All first-year classes must be completed by December 31, 2018.  Applicants who entered UUMS with SEE classes are eligible.  Eligible applicants must have at least a B grade point average at the completion of the eligibility date.


1.         Applicant must submit an essay expressing their thoughts about the topic defined in the Essay Parameters as stated below. The typed essay must contain a minimum of 750 words.  The application, biographical essay, and reference letters must be submitted to the UUMS Charles and Myrtle Fillmore Scholarship Committee no later than April 12, 2019.

2.         Submit all applications, essays and references as follows:
a.         Email to:  OR
b.         Mail to:  Rev. Dr. Brenda Harger     5165 Orchard Crest Drive
Troy, MI 48085

3. The scholarships will be presented by individual certificates. All funding will be allotted solely toward each winning candidate’s tuition for the first term of the 2019 school year. No other use of the award will be considered.

PURPOSE:  To Provide scholarships for five (5) UUMS ministerial candidates.

 There will be awards of 5 scholarships:
1 at $800.00
1 at $600.00
3 at $200.00

ESSAY PARAMETERS:   Charles and Myrtle Fillmore have taught us that God’s love is for the sake of loving.    It is does not contemplate who or what is loved.  God’s love is the pure essence of Being.  Love binds us to God and to each other.  Love is the greatest attractive power in the universe.  The presence of God’s love allows us to become like magnetic forces through which the nature of our desires constantly flows.  Charles Fillmore writes in his book Prosperity that,” It is the law of love that we have whatsoever we desire; …We contact God-Mind and from it draw the invisible substance that is manifest in temporal things.” (pg. 102)

            Fear is the illusion that opposes the law of love.  It breeds thoughts that God’s love could ever allow us to experience lack.  Thinking poverty and lack creates a comfortable settlement for these unwelcome guests.  It is the law of God’s love that we attract what we believe.  When we believe that we lack, our loving Father sends forth the lack we desire.  Contrarily, our thoughts of hope and praise attract positive events into our lives.  The generosity of God’s love neither qualifies nor censures the nature of our desires.  Through God’s all-encompassing love we receive what we believe. 

            The Fillmore’s have taught us that events we have attracted into life are the blessings that we’ve thought or prayed into being.  God intends every event in life for our good.  Our awareness that God’s love is the source of all circumstance requires a measure of spiritual discernment.

ESSAY TOPIC:  This year’s Charles and Myrtle Fillmore Scholarship Fund essay assignment is to discuss, “HOW I HAVE REALIZED GOD’S LOVE IN A CIRCUMSTANCE THAT I ONCE BELIEVED TO BE NEGATIVE.”  Please share your thoughts typed in at least 750 words. 

Presentation:  The winning candidates will receive the scholarship awards in May 2019.

2019 Winners will be selected by the Charles and Myrtle Fillmore Scholarship Committee.

For More information please contact:
Rev. Dr. Brenda Harger  248-528-2364 or