F1039 Metaphysics 3
F1000 Unity Foundations
F1003 History of New Thought and Unity

F1040 Metaphysics 4
F1047 Bible Overview Christian Scriptures
F1045 Self Awareness
F1023 Unity Prayer

BI5012 Bible Studies (Chronicles-Ezekiel)
IS2002 Compass II – The Journey of the Soul from Egypt to the Promised Land
IS5923 Ministerial Ethics
IS2013 (previously MS2013) Prayer and Reflection
CS2001 Counseling/Personel
BI5022 Bible Studies, New Testament (Hebrews-Revelations)
IS2003 (previously MS2003) Prosperity
IS3003 Advanced Metaphysics 3
IS5941 Self Awareness 2
CM3004 (previously MS2002) Talks on Truth

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