F1000 Unity Foundations
F1039 Metaphysics 3
F1044 Meditation Practices
F1003 History of New Thought and Unity

F1023 Unity Prayer
F1040 Metaphysics 4
F1047 Overview Christian Scriptures

CS3001 Counseling Theory and Practice (20 Hours)
CM2011 The Importance of Youth and Family Ministry (20 Hours)
HI1006 Introduction to Theology (20 Hours)
IS5950 Teaching Methods (20 Hours)
MS2012 Prayer and Meditation (20 Hours)
MS3000 Advanced Metaphysics (20 Hours)
HI1005 Search for the Historical Jesus (20 Hours)
UUM3004 Financial Management (30 Hours)
CM4003 Homiletics II (40 Hours)
CM4002 Substance Use Disorder (40 Hours)

Fourth Year Course

English 101, First Five Weeks
English 102, Second Five Weeks

* Required