F1036 Metaphysics 1
F1004 Jesus Teachings in the Bible
F1002 Healing and Wholeness
F1006 The Christ
F1005 Bible Interpretation – Hebrew Scriptures
F1042 Prosperity

F1037 Metaphysics 2
F1046 Bible Overview Hebrew Scriptures
F1033 Twelve Powers
F1048 Bible Interpretation – Acts to Revelations
F1044 Meditation Practices

BI5011 Bible Studies (Genesis-1 Chronicles)
IS2001 Compass – The Journey of the Soul from Egypt to the Promised Land
CM1000 Conversation Skills
HI1001 History of Christianity
IS2011 (previously MS2011) Prayer and Meditation
BI5021 Bible Studies, New Testament (Gospels)
CM4001 Homiletics I
IS55911 Credo
IS5940 Self Awareness I
MS3001 Advanced Metaphysics II

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