FU1039 Metaphysics 3
FU1042 Prosperity

FU1040 Metaphysics 4
FU1048 Bible Interpretation – Acts to Revelations
FU1002 Healing and Wholeness

BI5012 Bible Interpretation, (Chronicles 11 – Ezekiel) (50 Hours)
IS5912 Credo (20 Hours)
HI1002 Historical Urban Studies (20 Hours)
HI1037 History of African American Church (20 Hours)
CS2003 Counseling – Grief and Loss Support (20 Hours)
ENG101 Academic Demonstration (for those without Bachelor Degree)

BI5022 Biblical Studies NT (Hebrews-Reveleations) (50 Hours)
MS2001 How I Used Truth (20 Hours)
CM2002 Board of Directors (20 Hours)
UUM4208 Ministry Marketing (20 Hours)
IS5941 Self Awareness II (30 Hours)

IS5922 Credo

* Required