FU1004 Jesus Teachings
FU1036 Metaphysics 1
FU1006 The Christ
FU1048 Bible Interpretation Acts-Revelations
FU1033 Twelve Powers
FU1042 Prosperity

FU1045 Bible Overview, Hebrew Scriptures
FU1037 Metaphysics 2
The Five Principles – Elective for LUT Students
The Five Principles – 5 CEU Credits, $50

BI5013 Bible Interpretation, Hebrew Scriptures (50 Hours)
CM2022 Board of Trustees (20 Hours)
HI1004 Overview, World Religions (20 Hours)
MS2001 How I Used Truth (20 Hours)

BI5023 Biblical Studies NT (50 Hours)
UUM4205 New Church Planting (20 Hours)
UUM4308 The Soul of Ministry (30 Hours)
UUM4209 Ministry at the End of Life (20 Hours)

* Required