Unity Urban Ministerial School Calendar 2024 and 2025
Summer Term 2024 Begins May 22, 2024
Second Session Begins June 26, 2024
Summer Term Ends July 30, 2024

Ministerial Preparatory Classes
First Session (5/22/24 – 6/25/24)
F1105 Self-Awareness (prev F1045) Mindy Tucker
F1107 Development New Thought (prev F1003) Vernelle Nelson
F1111 Metaphysics 1 (prev F1036) Ytonna Finnegan
F1121 Bible Overview Hebrew Scriptures
(prev F1046)
Vernelle Nelson
Second Session (6/26/24 – 7/30/24)
F1102 Twelve Powers of Man (prev F1033) Sandy Boyer
F1104 Meditation Practice (prev F1044) Janelle Renshaw
F1112 Metaphysics 2 Pre-requisite F1111
(prev F1037)
Marygrace Sorensen
F1122 Bible Interpretation Hebrew Scriptures
Pre-requisite F1121 (prev F1005
Glenda Walden
F1123 Bible Overview: Christian Scripture
(prev F1047)
Vernelle Nelson
Second Year Ministerial Studies Classes
CM2011 Biblical Studies OT required
(Genesis – 1 Chronicles)
Robert Brach
CM2000 Teaching Methods Sandy Boyer
CM3003 Homiletics 1 required Nickie Golden
IS1002 The Art of Quantum Living (prev IS2004)
(This class will be taught in Synchronous Format; date & time tbd)
Denese Schellink
IS5911 Credo: Nature of Man required
(prev IS5912)
Warren Teachout/David Adams
Third Year Ministerial Studies Classes
BI5021 Bible Studies NT – (The Gospels) required Robert Brach
CM1000 Conversation Skills required Nickie Golden
IS3001 Advanced Metaphysics I Carole Lunde
IS5914 Self-Awareness I required (prev IS5940) Nickie Golden
SJ2000 Prison Ministry Workshop (Date and TIme TBD) TBD