A Word from Our Alumni

  • I just wanted to say thank you, I really enjoyed the Art of Storytelling class and I always find ways to apply the learnings when I have an opportunity to address our congregation. I also look  for ways I consolidate the learnings with other fantastic modules such as Homiletics, to ultimately raise my skills and knowledge as a soon to be minister.
    I am so grateful for my journey with the UUMS, my life has definitely changed for the better since starting this journey over two years ago. I appreciate the love and support that you continue to bless us with as the leader of UUMS.
    I also am grateful to everyone within UUMS for this continuing journey.
    We are blessed and thank you & the team for all your efforts.
    • Kabelo Letebele
  • I chose UUMS after talking with multiple ministers about the choice they made for ministerial school. What finally sold me on UUMS  was the freedom to do my classwork on my schedule. I have had to delay signing up for Unity Institute classes due to my busy schedule and with UUMS I felt that I would be able to complete more classes in less time. I have also heard so much positive feedback from the alumni.

    • Angie Keyes
  • I chose UUMS, because it offers me a practical path to Ministry. I learned of it from Nicki Golden, and I have found the people involved sincere and authentic. From Rev, Sandra to Judy, to all thus far. The schedule is accommodating, and allows me to pace my study time through each week. But mostly I feel that the education I receive from UUMS will best prepare me for working as a minister in the real world.

    • Thomas Scheinler
  • I chose UUMS for three reasons. Flexibility of schedule - While UUMS classes have structured weekly classes which include Zoom sessions in most classes.  Urban focus - I live just outside Philadelphia.  Philadelphia has no Unity activities.  I would like to be the catalyst to change that.  The Urban focus is needed in Philadelphia. Rev. Sandra is an inspired leader for UUMS.  I talked with her before committing to UUMS and knew that this would be a good experience under her leadership.

    • Robert Turner
  • I chose UUMS because I had heard great things about it! And it is true. From my very first contact with the staff I was treated so very warmly it cinched the deal! My check list was all there: I am a very independent learner. Yet love contact with a peer group. I needed an online based school.  It is personal. With only a few required courses, you get to choose what interests you to help strengthen your skills and own spiritual life.

    • Paxton McCaghren