FAQ Student Edition

How do I login ?

For the Orbund Einstein login page go to https://server1.orbund.com/einstein-freshair/index.jsp . Enter your username, password and select student from the role drop down menu. Click Login button.

If you do not select the proper role associated with your account, the system will give you an authentication error.

I forgot my password. How do I recover my password?

From the login page to https://server1.orbund.com/einstein-freshair/index.jsp. Click ‘forgot password’, right below login button. You will be prompted for your email. You will then receive an email with your password.

I forgot my username.  How do I recover my username?

Email the Registrar, re******@uu**.org or Tech Help re******@uu**.org  to receive an email with your username.

Where do I find class materials? My class is blank, empty or disappeared. I only see Syllabus or Week 1 of class materials.

The Student Guide emailed with your acceptance letter provides general instructions on accessing class materials.  Current class material is accessible or viewable only within the dates of the term. See the academic calendar found on UUMS.org to verify start and end dates of the term. You can be enrolled in a class but not able to see the content until the first day of the term. Material stops being accessible after the last day of the term.

Instructors can set the dates when a session, the material for each week, is accessible by students. Some may present class material session by session, week by week. Others might allow students access to the entire term at the beginning. Instructors can also set the date as to when material is no longer available. Most set this date to the end of term.

Occasionally, the start and end date of a session or the items within a session i.e. discussion board, are incorrect. This is often the reason an item to disappears once it was visible. If this appears to be the situation contact the instructor, or Tech Help.

Why do I have no assignments listed?

Many instructors place the assignment with the session text. They choose not to use the assignment feature of Orbund. Go to the session for each week read it through to locate the assignment(s) and its due date.

How do I update my account and profile?

Login or go to the Start Page. Click Start Page at top of lefthand menu if you are not already on the Start Page.

Click Account & Profile under the General Information Header on righthand side of screen.

Select the General Info, Emergency Contact, or Acceptance Document Tab depending on the data you want to update.

Enter/update desired data.


You must click save at bottom of screen for data to be changed. If necessary scroll down page or reduce view.

Photo must be 300KB or less.