Important information for all of our wonderful students. Please read each bullet:

1. The registration, payment, and records processes are handled through the Praxi SIS (student information system) while specific class information and participation in classes is done through the Coursewebs system.

2. Both of these websites can be accessed through the school website under the “Academics” tag.

3. If you are still trying to access the website through, you will need to clear your cookies before the redirection will work again. Or you can use the web address

4. Each one of you has a Praxi account – I am using the email you entered when you created your account. If you have forgotten your password, you will be given an opportunity to reset your password when attempting to login to Praxi. Your credentials will be:

School ID: 2116
Parent ID: a 4 number ID assigned to you by Praxi at the time you set up your account
Password: Whatever you set it up to be (or had it reset to)

If you still have difficulty logging in, text me with your name and error detail at 407-403-1260

5. If you have taken a class with UUMS before, you were given a Coursewebs login and password. If you have difficulty retrieving that information, please contact Rev. Judy Voght at If you are a first time class taker, Rev. Judy will contact you with your login information.

6. The most efficient way to pay for your classes is through the automated Praxi system; using this process will credit your account with the payment immediately upon receipt. UUMS graciously accepts and processes all forms of payment, but because ALL OTHER forms of payment, even PayPal is a manual process, it will take substantially longer to see that payment matched up with an invoice. If timing is important, please use the automated payment process within the Praxi system.

7. Each term, the names of available classes and the corresponding text books are listed under the “Academics” tab in a downloadable document named “Textbooks.”

Blessings and have a wonderful semester,
Rev. Roxanne Graves