Frequently Asked Questions about the Application/Registration Process and Learning Platform:

Application, registration and payment are handled through this website under the tab Academics.

Once the application has been submitted and student is accepted to enroll, student may register for upcoming courses under the tab Academics, then Registration.

Textbooks for each class are listed under the Academics tab in a downloaded document titled Textbooks.

If you have taken a class with UUMS before, you created a orbund login and password. If you have difficulty retrieving that information, please contact Rev. Chase at re******@uu**.org 

If this is your first time enrolling in UUMS, you will be contacted with information to login and instructions for accessing courses. 

About our Curriculum and expectations:

Our Courses are mostly Asynchronous with a few classes that require one or more get-togethers by Zoom video conferencing. These meetings are recorded.

What is an asynchronous course? 

Asynchronous courses are those in which students and instructor participate though our Learning Platform, Coursewebs, during the week.  The lectures, along with assignments are posted. The course week begins on Wednesday. By the end of the week, the following Tuesday evening, students must prepare and submit their response to the weekly discussion and assignment into the discussion forum in that class.  Generally, there are discussion questions and students are expected to write substantive answers to the questions and post by the end of the course week. Students are usually also required to post a substantive response to two or three classmates’ postings to indicate full participation in the class.  Instructors regularly monitor and evaluate and offer suggestions or comments weekly to each student’s postings.  There is typically a final assignment in each class.  Students are notified of their final grades by the week following the end of the course.

Under unique and special circumstances, an instructor may allow the student to post his or her assignment late. Participation in class discussions and timely submission of assignments are required for successful completion of the course.

For more information for Students and Process of using learning system (Orbund) click this link.