Important information for all of our wonderful students. Please read each bullet:

1. The registration, payment, are handle through this website. While specific class information and participation in classes is done through the Coursewebs system.

2. Both of these options and link to courseweb can be accessed through the school website under the “Academics” tag.

3. If you are still trying to access the website through, you will need to clear your cookies before the redirection will work again. Or you can use the web address

4. If you have taken a class with UUMS before, you were given a Coursewebs login and password. If you have difficulty retrieving that information, please contact Rev. Judy Voght at If this is your first time enrolling in UUMS, Rev. Judy will contact you with your login information. 

5. Each term, the names of available classes and the corresponding text books are listed under the “Academics” tab in a downloadable document named “Textbooks.”

Blessings and have a wonderful semester,
Rev. Roxanne Graves