The second annual UUMS Virtual Family Reunion, titled “The Love Train,” was another success as we boarded from Zoom Station in the Motor City and picked up passengers from stations north, south, east, and west. A record 54 alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends registered through Zoom-Events, November 16-18, 2022.

The reunion opened the afternoon of Wednesday, November 16, with remarks by Revs. Karen Saunders and Sandra Campbell, followed by special greetings from Rev. Shad Groverland (Executive Director of Unity Worldwide Ministries), Rev, Jim Blake (CEO of Unity World Headquarters), and Rev. Dr. Anna Price (Provost of the Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary). The first day’s events continued with an address by UUMS Executive Director, Rev. Sandra Campbell, and Rev. Brian Drafton-Griffin, President of the UUMS Alumni Association. Rev. Josephine Furlow facilitated the memorial service honoring our beloved founder, Rev. Dr. Ruth Mosley. Rev. Richard Pacheco, our event’s Executive Producer, provided an energetic overview of the reunion proceedings, and special guest, Nila Ellison closed the evening with healing sound bowls.

On Thursday, Rev. Dr. Catherine Thomas, former UUMS Executive Director, opened with prayer, and Rev. Wilma Taylor-Costen, our event’s Head Conductor, provided a robust overview of the day’s events. Four workshops were presented throughout the day. These included: Ancestral Healing by Reginald Wesley (student), Alternative Ministries by Rev. Vernelle Nelson, Rev. Ken Fendrick, and Beci Rohkohl (student); Forgiveness by Rev. Roxanne Graves; and Diversity/Equity/Inclusivity by Alexandra Scott (Talent Acquisition & DEI Stategist with Unity World Headquarters). Rev. JoAnn Watson, President, and other members of the UUMS Board of Directors presented an overview of the Board. The day ended with dancing to music by DeeJay Cal, son of Rev. Karen Saunders and grandson of the late Rev. Helen Saunders of the “Detroit 8.” Rev. Brian Drafton-Griffin closed the evening with prayer. Rev. Karen Saunders opened

Rev. Karen Saunders opened Friday’s program with prayer and the day’s overview. A panel discussion was led by Rev. Eric Donaldson with Revs. Chris DiGiorgio, Ken Fendrick, Carol Raney, and Yuris Vasquez.  Workshops were presented on Truth Unity Ministries and his new book, Credo of a Metaphysical Christian by Rev. Mark Hicks, and on Ethics by Hank Lewis, LUT. Rev. Charline Manuel facilitated the rededication ceremony attended by UUMS alumni and students dressed in white and committed to fulfilling the mission of UUMS: …to bring good news to the poor, to comfort the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and freedom to those who are bound.  Rev. Sandra Campbell closed the evening with a recap of the 3-day event and our charge to continue to keep moving forward in furthering the legacy of “the house that Ruth built.” The three-day trip returned to the Detroit Zoom Station on time and Milagros “Millie” Pinal-Ricon (student) sent us off with prayer. The journey would not have happened except for the generosity of sponsors:  Unity World Headquarters, Truth Unity Ministries, Renaissance Unity, Golden Life Ministries, Unity Church of Austin, and Christ Love Unity. We are grateful for all who came aboard and gave of their time, talents, and treasures.

This new Zoom-Events platform offered opportunities for connecting with UUMS family and friends around the globe. However, the program is new and, like anything being done for the first time, it had some glitches. We apologize to those who were unable to attend virtually and to the vendors who were unable to open their stores. If you registered and did not request a refund, you will receive a link to the recorded workshops. For those who did not register or who would like to view the recordings, you may register for the link for a $50 donation. Go to, click on Donate, and enter “Reunion Recording Link” in the Comments. An email with the link will be sent. Keep in mind that this event is a scholarship fundraiser to support UUMS students in need. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.

The Conductors of the UUMS Love Train who made this event possible are:

Rev. Wilma Taylor-Costen, Lead Conductor

Rev. Richard A. Pacheco, Executive Producer/Conductor

Rev. Sandra Campbell

Rev. Roxanne Graves

Rev. Vernelle Nelson

Rev. Carol Raney

Millie Pinal-Ricon

Rev. Carolyne Jeane Rhodes

Rev. Karen Saunders

The UUMS “Love Train” will be back again next year.  Watch your emails for details on the 2023 Reunion….the Conductors Team can always use more volunteers if you are interested. When that whistles blows again sometime next year, get your ticket, grab your bags, and get on board for another great UUMS ADVENT-ure!!!

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