Opportunities to grow and connect with your Alumni Association are endless. We are always ready to welcome Alumni who are available and willing to serve as advisors for current students, shepherding them through the process of preparing for Progress Interviews [formerly L & O] and applying for the Ministerial Path. As our enrollment numbers increase, so do the opportunities to for advisors. One of the most rewarding tasks anyone could imagine is being a part of a student’s journey through ministerial school and witnessing their evolving into powerful, spirit filled ministers. If you decide to sign on to be an advisor, you will have the full support of the UUMS staff and faculty.
Other opportunities include working with the UUMS board on one of the many newly formed committees. These committees were created by the board to carry UUMS to the next level of professional development. These committees are: Personnel, Nominating, By-Laws, Finance, Fund Development, and Strategic Planning. If you have experience in any of these areas or if you are interested in developing your own expertise by learning while doing, please reach out to your Alumni Association for details as to how to get involved.
Also… as the season for Progress Interviews approaches, there will be many opportunities to work with students as they prepare for their Progress Interviews and to serve on Progress Interview teams. If you would like to meet and work with our students as they move forward in their program, please reach out to Rev. Karen Saunders or Rev. Carolyne Jeanne Rhodes.
We bless you; we love you; we appreciate you; and we look forward to seeing you at our Alumni Association meetings on the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:00 eastern time as we come together in our commitment to working with more and more alumni to build upon the foundation that was laid by Rev. Ruth Mosley.

Peace and blessings.
Rev. Vernelle Nelson [2016]
President, UUMS Alumni Association

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