“Love yourself and let the inner enthusiasm of God fill every fiber of your being.

–Sue Sikking, God Always Says Yes, Pub. 1968, Pg. 134

I believe this Sue Sikking quote is a conscious reminder that we are habitually responsible for honoring, saluting and loving our soul selves’ during this incarnation.  February has long been considered the Love month in both sacred and secular human histories and in many civilizations.  As we ponder the soul significance of pure Love, I Am reminded of Charles Fillmore’s definition of love from The Revealing Word.  “Divine love is impersonal; it loves for the sake of loving.  It is not concerned with what or who it loves, nor with a return of love.  Like the sun, its joy is in the shining forth of its nature.”  Imagine all souls shining forth these Love healing energy-rays oh how our own personal relationships and life appearing circumstances would be amazingly transformed.

Divine Love is a spiritual energy signature that buzzes on the subatomic levels of our own bodies, auras and affairs.  It is a molecular atomic cohesive force within all aspects of our lives and this belief is backed up today by the quantum scientific research studies.  In Unity we teach a metaphysical Truth system that uses unconditional divine Love ideas and their harmonizing essence, as one of the fundamental 12 Powers of our indwelling Christ natures. We must not only accept this bedrock Truth on a surface awareness level, but we must allow it to saturate our subconscious minds and then we will know we are absolutely living as repeatable Christ beings.  This month let’s make the heartfelt commitment to affirm being in a perpetual, unconditional Love beingness state and to boldly start sharing this healing and prospering Truth.  Remember, we Love for the sake of Loving, it is a healing consciousness and a divine activity which we can be fearlessly living in and from right now. This month claim divine Love as your own priceless divine souled inheritance.

Etheric Activated Bliss,

Rev. Michael A. Schoonover, D. Div.

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  1. Eloquent, TRUTH expressed, insight awakening a souls journey. Sharing forward enabling greater distribution. There are folks known, this clarity maybe just what moves them off of stuck. Thank you. Now to share! Blessings of gratitude!!!

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