Soul Food Ministries was founded by Rev. Sallye Coe Taylor, a Unity minister for more than 30 years. She was later joined by Rev. Gloria Holt in managing this alternative ministry through writings, teachings, and publications. The mission of Soul Food Ministries was to assist Unity ministers and students in attaining a deeper understanding of the metaphysical context, interpretation, and application of Biblical scripture. Rev. Sallye was known as a brilliant writer, speaker, teacher, and Bible scholar. She made her transition on March 13, 2015. Rev. Gloria Holt is a retired Unity minister.

Soul Food

Soul food is a blend of cooking techniques and traditions from West Africa, Europe, and the Americas. The soul food we enjoy today was born from the ingenuity of enslaved Africans who took the humble ingredients available to them and turned them into what has become a celebrated global cuisine, nourishing people—body and soul—in the US and in many places around the world.

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