by Beci Rohkohl (Class of 2024)

Agape Is Love is a unique ministry–no brick-and-mortar building–only the vastness of being in the community. It is a new vision of ministry-in-action to spread God’s love and Unity principles by building bridges of hope and planting seeds of grace within the community. 

My spiritual quest began in 1999 when I found a small Unity Church in Tennessee. Back then, I couldn’t have possibly known the depth and breadth to which my dreams of being a minister would lead me.

I started taking classes with Unity Urban Ministerial School in 2020. No sooner than I began my ministerial studies, I heard the voice of Spirit nudging me to take my ministry beyond brick-and-mortar buildings and pulpits. I felt guided to pursue outreach–to go where the people are. I spent a lot of time in the silence and through prayer and meditation I continued to hear the call to action in the UUMS mission from Isaiah 61:1 (NLV):

The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is upon me,
for the LORD has anointed me
to bring good news to the poor.
God has sent me to comfort the brokenhearted
and to proclaim that captives will be released
and prisoners will be freed.

I knew there was much to do. A small group of us started with small steps; monthly prayer in the park, online meetups, living room conversations, free markets for the community, book studies, painting kindness rocks and placing them around the local area, and organizing and writing Christmas cards for active-duty military. Through trial and error, my education, and even a few failed attempts, I knew it was time to launch Agape is Love as an expanded ministry. The ministry was commissioned by Unity Worldwide Ministries in June 2022.

Agape is Love collaborates on projects with other local ministers in the San Diego area. Last year, we worked alongside of Unity San Diego and Unity of the Trails in orchestrating a weekend campout at the Ranch in Descanso, owned and operated by Unity Spiritual Center. We have found that pulling together resources is essential to growing into our communities and bringing the Truth we know–that we are all a part of the One Power and One Presence.

Agape Is Love recently completed a 64-day Season of Non-Violence on TikTok and through text messaging. We have held monthly drumming and meditation circles, meditation classes at the local senior center, and healing circles with other churches. We offer virtual and in-person activities. We have found that the sky is the limit when it comes to going to where the community gathers. 

Agape Is Love is a different kind of ministry that allows us to meet people where they are and hold space for their individual spiritual unfoldment. I have personally witnessed that unfoldment in many unique and expressive ways. 

We know this kind of work cannot be accomplished alone. Many others are working with me and holding the high watch for this ministry. To all of you, we send a huge THANK YOU! 

To all you dreamers of what your ministry could be, remember this. When we think of ministry, think outside the box. In fact, forget there is a box and just be God’s Love in action. Happy 1st birthday Agape Is Love!

Blessings on your path, Beci Rohkohl

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