by Rev. Prentiss Davis (Featured in IAMU Autumn Newsletter)

Every morning I would read a chapter from Myrtle Fillmore’s “Healing Letters”, plus several of Eric Butterworth affirmations, plus my prayers and thoughts of others on my behalf. The main point I would like to stress is that life is a gift from God and can only come from God. That Truth was reinforced within me daily, please do not think that I was not aware of that Truth for I was, and I am, yet it became a point of importance to me in so many ways
FIRST; All healing of life must come from within, from the Christ that dwells within that is demonstrated by our Christ consciousness. I began to understand that in my life thru all my illness, all my diseases since I have become a Truth Student regardless of, medications and treatments (which only aid) it is the Christ that heals. Our job is to maintain a consciousness of the present of the Christ within. All life is created by God therefore God can heal, as Butterworth states “What God has done, God can do”.
SECOND; The virus is life, no matter what was done in a lab, the spark of “Life” can only be from God. Man has found a way to manipulate life and sometimes the end results are not beneficial to humans. Am I saying that the Christ consciousness can assist us when in despair either in “Mind, Body, or Spirit?” Yes, I am. “What God has done, God can do.”
NEXT; Racism, it is a manipulation of God’s Spirit, a manipulation of the spark of life. The life we received is in its very nature Divine, the perfect image of God mind. With this gift we also received “Free Will”, the will to use our powers to make life better. Now that is the challenge, what is better and to whom is it better is the question. Is it better that as a man of color I not be allowed to read or write, or not be able to live where I choose or marry whom I love? All because of my skin color?
A nurse at the VA wanted to know what I did to get my skin so smooth and why do I not look 74 years old? I wanted to answer her from my Christ consciousness, that the same spark of life placed in me was placed in her and how we addressed it was our personal choice. Yet the choice should affect our inner image of self unless we manipulate it, the outer does not measure the Truth of the inner. Fear, anger, resentments, can be eradicated by awareness of the Allness that each one is a part of. Am I saying a consciousness of the Christ within can heal the misperception of the differences between us? Yes, I am. “What God has done, God can do”
PEACE. Rev. Prentiss Davis

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