While participating in a Zoom meeting several months ago, I noticed a sign on the wall behind a participant’s head. From the camera’s distance, it appeared to be an eye chart, the kind used in an optometrist’s office. I could read the larger letters but could not make out some of the words. It was a business meeting, so I knew that I should have been focusing on the discussion instead of staring at the furnishing of his home. The sign seemed to be calling out to me and Spirit would not allow me to ignore it. My curiosity got the best of me, so I texted him and asked what was printed on the sign. He said, See the Good in all things. For me, that statement translated to seeing God in everything. 

Those words, “See the Good in all things; to see God in everything” became my daily mantra, what I affirmed and promised. Little did I know this affirmation would be the rod and staff that would carry and support me on my journey, calling me to live and walk in my Truth. On this journey, I experienced an awakening, a moment when I was tested to examine what I professed, to put my Truth to Power.  

It was Sunday, Valentine’s Day, a beautiful sunny afternoon. I gathered all my gifts of Love and set out to deliver them to family and friends. Love was in the air; there was a feeling of peace and serenity. I made my last delivery and was on my way home when my sister called for me to come back for something she had forgotten to give me. While stopped at a red light on my way back to her house, I received a call from a friend in Atlanta. I listened patiently as she shared her grief over the loss of her uncle. I didn’t notice right away that the light had turned green. When I finally made my way into the intersection, a large, black SUV came speeding through the red light. I braced myself for the impact while everything in that moment seemed to move in slow motion. By the grace of God, I avoided a collision. The north and southbound cars were still sitting at the red light as the SUV continued to fly down the street. I paused on the other side of the intersection, thanking God and my angels for saving me from what could have been a tragic experience. For the next few days, I shared my story with family and friends. We all agreed that God is Good. Of course, I dwelt on the irresponsibility of the SUV driver and how I might have been killed because of his/her carelessness. It was my Prayer Partner who helped me expand my consciousness, inviting me to pray for the driver of the SUV and whatever may have caused him or her to drive erratically. Her prayer gave me peace and opened my heart space so that I could release and hold the high watch for the driver. In retrospect, I can see that it was not a coincidence that the near miss occurred on Valentine’s Day, a national day for Love. It was an opportunity for me to see beyond the obvious into a deeper, more esoteric understanding of the universal, all-encompassing Love of God.

There was a message for all who waited at the red light on Valentine’s Day. Each one was bearing witness to the miracle on Joy Road and seeing the power and presence of the force greater than the speeding black SUV. What we experienced was Love in action.

For me, it was also a reminder of my oneness with the Allness of the universe, God the Good. My task as a Truth student is to See the Good in all things, to see God in everything. 

In his book, Prosperity, Charles Fillmore, Co-founder of Unity, wrote this prayer: 

“I am a child of the absolute Good. God is good, and I am good. Everything that comes into my life is good, and I am going to have only the Good.”   

And so it is, and so it shall be. Amen!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Rev. Wilma Taylor-Costen is a 2019 graduate of Unity Urban Ministerial School. She was ordained in 2020 and currently serves as Secretary on the UUMS Board of Directors. She is also Vice-President on the Great Lakes Unity Region board of directors.

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