It has been said that there is one thing, one time, one incident, one person, or one life experience that becomes the defining moment that opens us up to a life change for our good. My visit to the Church of Today was one such experience. At the close of the Sunday Service, the speaker reminded everyone that the Master Mind Journals were now available in the bookstore. I watched in amazement as the congregation hurried to the bookstore. I was new to the community and intrigued by the long line at the register waiting to purchase the Master Mind Journal. So, I picked up one and joined them, listening to the stories of life transformation, blessings, and manifestations. Standing in line, I told myself I want to experience what they shared. Clutching the tool, I believe, would transform my consciousness, expand my awareness of spiritual principles, and deepen my understanding; I can call into my world what my greatest good is. I was excited and could not wait for their experiences to become mine. As a result, I have been a Master Mind Practitioner for over two decades, Masterminding employment, my ordination, positive relationships, prosperity, and abundance in all areas of my life through my affirmations, prayers, and the support of other Master Mind practitioners.

Designed by the late Rev. Jack Boland, the Master Mind Journal is a transformative system that encourages users to lean into each day with efficiency, clarity, purpose, and spiritual growth. The Journal is divided by month with weekly goal setting, affirmation, gratitude, and daily reflections pages.

Master Minding is a communion with Spirit, a covenant with oneself, and a shared experience with kindred spirits (one or more) that gather weekly, biweekly, or monthly in an environment of harmony, love, and trust ( In person or virtual). In the gathering, members make known specific requests seeking their partners' support and affirming the presence of the Master Mind (God).

Habakkuk 2: 2 says, Write the vision upon tables and make it plain that he may run that reads it.”

There are 31 days until 2023. So, as you envision your resolutions for the new year, consider becoming a Master Mind Practitioner using the pages to write your vision and record your strength, success, and blessing. Let the Master Mind be your daily covenant with your intentions, vision, and plan for the most efficient course to reach your personal and spiritual goals. 

The Master Mind Journal will help your mind to see your new life; it certainly has been that for

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