Life is a celebration!
The month of May is filled with causes to celebrate. We celebrate the end of Spring and the coming of Summer. Our Spring term at UUMS is also coming to a close as the Summer term begins on May 17. Our soon-to-be UUMS graduates are reflecting on their accomplishments and
looking forward to their future roles as New Thought leaders. We enjoy month-long celebrations of the cultures and contributions of our brothers and sisters of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, and Jewish heritage. On Cinco de Mayo, Spanish for “the 5 th of May,” we commemorate the Mexican army’s victory over France in 1862 with parades, parties, mariachi music, folk dancing, and food. May 14 is Mother’s Day, a holiday started in the U.S. in 1908, to honor our mothers with flowers, cards, and other gifts, and remember the ones who left us with lasting legacies. On May 29, thousands of Americans will celebrate Memorial Day by visiting the graves of those who died while serving in the U.S. military and other loved ones who have joined their ancestors. Today and every day, let’s celebrate life!

Cinco de Mayo – May 5
A celebration of Mexican heritage and culture Mexicans are “overachievers” in the production of happiness. The Mexican recipe for happiness includes a large dose of social contact. Lots of social bonding, talking, laughing, and joking. Families eat together, and these meals often include grandparents, sons, daughters, in-laws, grandchildren, cousins, etc. Friends at work eat together almost every day. Anything is an excuse for people to get together to watch soccer, football, or BBQ with family and friends. And there is music, and beer, lots of jokes.
“The keys to happiness are: spend less time alone; laugh more. find happiness in little things; stop glorifying being busy all the time; be humble; grow your circle of friends — happiness gets amplified when you’re surrounded by people.

– Nicole Fuentes, professor at Universidad de Monterrey

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