April was National Poetry Month. Thank you to Marco Bazzochi, one of our readers, who submitted his poem, “Cross.” 


My Vertical is Divine.

I am Father and Son.

I am North and South.

I am Winter and Summer.

I am Life.

My horizontal is human.

I am Spirit.

I am East and West.

I am Spring and Fall.

I am Birth and Death.

My Heart  is at the Centre,

At the Fall Equinox, in perfect equilibrium between equal day and night.

I am Peace.

I am Divine Love.

I am Joy.

I am Light.

I am Healing…I am Healed!

I am Wholeness.

I am Oneness. 

I am. 

Thank you Christ Jesus,

For showing me the Way.

Love Marco Bazzocchi,

Divine Unity Poet


© Copyright 2024 Marco Bazzocchi…reprinted with permission

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