Recent Graduate of the Unity Urban Ministerial  School Rev. Luz Lecour has been named Senior Minister of Unity of Citrus County.

Unity of Citrus County became her spiritual home in 2010. Finding the teachings transformative she started a path toward becoming a licensed Unity Teacher. It wasn’t long after that her spirit called to her to begin her journey to becoming a Unity Minister.  She supported her ministry in various roles including Volunteer coordinator, Prayer Chaplain coordinator, Platform assistant, Class Facilitator. In May of 2018, Rev. Lecour became the Associate Minister. Then in June her senior minister announced her retirement and Rev. Lecour was offered the Senior Minister position.

Rev. Lecour shares her feeling with us “Everything in our life is connected. We only realize that when we look back on our life. My heart is full of gratitude for the people that have been part of my journey. I am especially grateful for my Unity Urban Ministerial School family who supports me, prepared me and helped ground me in the assurance that I have all I need to fulfill my purpose. With humility, I enter into this part of my journey, as Senior Minister of Unity of Citrus County, mindful of the sacredness of this calling.”

We Celebrate and bless her continued success.

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