Reverend Vertell Allison-Talifero

Reverend Vertell Allison-Talifero attended Unity Urban Ministerial School and  graduated from Unity School of Christianity in 1998. She was Senior Minister of Unity Church of Vermont, served on the Board of Trustees with the Association of Unity Churches, and as Regional Representative of Unity churches in the Eastern Region.

Rev. Vertell began her ministerial studies following early retirement as a teacher consultant for the Detroit Board of Education. She was an instructor with Unity Urban Ministerial School and instrumental in development of the School’s online curriculum. She taught many of the online classes, her last one being June 2018.

Rev. Vertell was brought up in the Pentacostal faith, where she learned of an angry God. Her introduction to Unity as a young adult changed her perspective about God and her relationship to the God within.

Rev. Vertell was president of Life Teaching Ministries, a non-profit organization she started to help others discover their oneness with God.

As a result of her work in establishing peace on the planet, Rev. Vertell earned the National Ambassador of Peace Award which was presented in Washington, D.C.

In 2014, Rev. Vertell wrote and published The Book of Ruth, chronicling the life and achievements of Rev. Dr. Ruth Mosley, founder of Unity Urban Ministerial School.

Rev. Vertell made her transition on Sunday, September 1, 2019, in Goodyear, Arizona.

4 comments on “Rev. Vertell Allison Talifero

  1. The friendship of Reverent Vertell Allison-Talifero was a gift from God. My second mother, my friend, my heart. She helped to make me a better person by her grace, spirit, kindness and wisdom and being with her was amazing and the best of times. LOVE YOU FOREVER Rev. Talifero.

  2. I met Vertell in 2008 and she has been my angel on earth ever since. She prayed with me and for me and my son with mental health issues. She and I used to go to garage sales. She so loved it. I will miss her and Robert but I know she is getting her richly deserved Honors and is with her Honey again. I feel she is still watching over me. May God richly bless you service. Love ya

  3. I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Vertell. She was my walking buddy and my friend. We lived around the corner from one another. She was the most peaceful and nonjudgmental person I ever met .

    Pamela Bailey

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