Silent Unity is looking for volunteers to record one or two 5-minute videos for the weekly prayer service. Recordings are due by the end of the current month for the next scheduled month (example; submit video by end of November for assigned schedule in December). You will be notified of when your video will play so you can share, promote and respond as time allows. For instructions…

Unity Prayer Service Instructions (Updated 08/2023)


Thank you for agreeing to serve as a Unity Prayer Service presenter. You are agreeing to provide one (or two) video(s) monthly, each 5-7 minutes long, due by the end of the current month for the next scheduled month (example; submit video by end of November for assigned schedule in December). You will be notified of when your video will play so you can share, promote and respond as time allows.

Record on a computer rather than a phone, in any video format. This ensures the video will be horizontal.

Follow the content and video guidelines below. Send via Google Drive to fi*************@gm***.com.
Google Drive


Introduce yourself using one of our scripts as a guide and mention this is the Unity Prayer Service offered every weekday at 11 a.m. Central.

Prayer Service Scripts

“Welcome to the Unity Prayer Service. We’re here on Facebook every weekday at 11 AM central time. My name is _________ and I’m from

___________________ (or whatever you want to say). Feel free to leave your prayers in the comment section below or on our website at Let us begin….”

“Good morning and welcome to the Unity Prayer Service. My name is _____ and I am excited to pray with you today. It is our sacred honor to pray with you each weekday at 11 am central time. Feel free to leave your prayer requests in the comments below to be included in our prayer vigil for 30 days. We offer prayer support online, by phone, by mail, and through our app, For more prayers, meditations, and other resources, visit Let us begin….”

2023 Unity Prayer Service via Facebook

“Welcome to the Unity Prayer service, I’m ‘NAME’ and I will be guiding you through this prayer time today. Feel free to leave a prayer request in the comment section below or just sit back and listen while we pray together.

You can leave a private prayer request on our website, or on our app, For now, let us pray together in peace.”

Speak of aligning in prayer with Unity prayer associates holding vigil and responding to phone calls, emails, letters, and texted prayer requests.

Avoid mentioning a particular date unless asked to lead for a holiday or other special occasion day.
Avoid using music in your service unless you have the express permission of the artist AND you can assure it doesn’t interfere with the audio quality of your voice.

Devote most of the 5-7 minutes to prayer, minimizing teaching or sharing.

Invite listeners to add their prayer requests in comments, and the Unity Prayer Ministry will hold them in vigil for 30 days.

(Optional) Utilize the month’s affirmations published in Daily Word and in monthly prayer service scripts []. Please note: Each month varies.

(Optional) Close by reciting The Prayer for Protection, which can be found on the bottom right hand corner of the monthly prayer service page.

(Optional) Invite viewers to share this video with their Facebook friends.

If you refer viewers to Silent Unity phones, please give them the local number 816-969-2000 (not the 800#). FYI we still have the 800# but it is costly compared to most people having long-distance covered in their phone plans nowadays.

Video Production

Lighting: Have lighting in front of you so that your audience can clearly see your face. Daylight from a window in front of you or slightly to your right or left is great. Avoid having a window or bright light behind you or coming from the side. You may need to add lights in front of you if you appear too dark or have shadows.

Device: Ensure the computer or recording device is on a surface or tripod to avoid shaky video, at a level that shows your full face in a forward position (avoid looking up).

2023 Unity Prayer Service via Facebook

Background: Observe the area behind you that shows in the video. Choose a clean background that isn’t too busy. A blank or minimally decorated wall without any clutter is ideal. Consider having a candle near you or wear a prayer shawl- some symbol that helps set space.

If you wear glasses: Lower the background light on your computer to reduce any reflection in your glasses.

Please do not use background removal and transitions in your video.

Look at the camera, not the screen. Actually, look through the camera to the people you are speaking to. That's how you make eye contact.

For best sound, if you don’t have an external mic, be sure to project well even while using a prayer tone.

You can choose whether to close your eyes while praying but looking down makes it appear that you’re closing your eyes.

Broadcasting Support

You’ll receive email notice of the day your video will be played. Whenever possible, please arrange to be on Facebook at that time to interact with the community of viewers.

Permissions and Sharing

Once submitted, your videos will be owned by Unity World Headquarters, stored on Unity Facebook page. You will have permission, and we encourage you, to share them on your networks. You also have permission to repurpose your videos, sharing them in other venues, referencing the original purpose and broadcast link.


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