What a blessing! Truly God’s will is for our good as we fully become open and receptive, and express gratitude. At a job site for remodeling of a condominium, I received a five-foot-by-five-foot crate that was left at the rear gate of the property. The crate would not fit through the gate opening, so the crate’s contents needed to be removed and brought into the backyard. There were three major issues; we were on the verge of a major rain event, the crew had just left the job site for a lunch break, and leaving the crate outside of the fence would be an effective way of contributing to its disappearance.

With the crew gone, this was the perfect opportunity to enter the silence. I immediately closed my eyes, stilled my body, and breathed. I dismissed the seeming issues and released the need to find a solution. I began to focus and concentrate on the Truth that a solution was being revealed to me in the present moment. In meditation, I consciously became open and receptive, allowing the solution to manifest in my “now” experience. I was led to open my eyes (which seemed unusual in the middle of meditation), and when I looked up I saw a skylift headed in my direction. I flagged down the driver and asked him to lift the crate over the fence. While he was placing the crate in the backyard, I thanked God for my immediate, good, and timely blessing. Additionally, I gave thanks and appreciation physically on the human level to the lift driver with a fifty-dollar tip.

Note: With permission of the student, this paper was reprinted from his assignment on The Power in a Parable from the Prayer and Meditation class taught by Rev. Candace Henry, Fall 2022

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  1. I loved James’s story, I was a student in the Prayer and Meditation course taught by Rev. Candace Henry. It was a wonderful course. I enjoyed the story last fall when James shared it with the class. I am enjoying reading it again now. James’s story is a powerful example of the power of Relaxation, Concentration, Meditation, Manifestation, and Appreciation. I think his story is also a demonstration of Divine Order as well.
    Thank you for permitting UUMS to repost your story, James.
    Love and Light, Fannie Austin.

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