Did you know that there is a Unity Ministerial Student Association (UMSA)? There is! We exist to support you on your journey of formation and transformation as ministers of the Truth of being! We also advocate on behalf of students with UWM as the need arises. Throughout the year we offer opportunities for students on all three paths toward ministry to gather together for fellowship and fun! We also offer study sessions for March progress interviews. Whenever you have the need for more support on your journey, we are here to answer questions and intervene however we can in support your highest and best good on this journey. Right now, there are two ways that you can contact us. First, we have an email that you can use to offer suggestions, request prayer, get answers to questions, or tell us the concerns you have to bring to UWM: um*******@gm***.com. Second, join our Facebook group: Unity Ministerial Students. This is a closed group consisting only of students on the three paths of ministry. There you will find resources and inspiration for the journey. You can post your events, classes, and links to your talks or whatever else is relevant to fellow students. Please join us as we come together to support each other in growing consciousness, transformation, and evolution on this exciting path to becoming ordained ministers within the Unity Movement!

Your UMSA Board:

President: Jeff Berry, UUMS
Vice President: Michele Coles, UWSI
Secretary: Micah LaGrave, UUMS
Treasurer: Stephen Fleming, UUMS
Member at Large: Anita Koch, UUMS
Member at Large: Cylvia Hayes, UUMS
Member at Large: Beci Rohkohl, UUMS
Member at Large: Claudia Olmos, Field Path (In charge of social media)
Prayer Chaplain: Lori Petrozino, UWSI

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