by Rev Sonja Mathis

Greetings Unity Ministerial students,
We give thanks for the torch we have created and how it passes!

We wish to introduce the 2022-2023 UMSA board, but before we do, let’s give thanks for the 2021-2022 board and their stalwart service. This board saw the integration of the three schools as full board members effective via a change in our by-laws. It was a year of growth, laughter, love, and lots of productivity. We set the foundation for more of all this goodness and to include the momentum of shift, so the board is ever-morphing, ready to fulfill the needs of all Unity ministerial students.

UMSA is a non-profit student organization providing support and representation to UWSI, UUMS, FMP ministerial students. Among UMSA’s efforts are academic, technological, and pastoral support; representation to UWSI, UUMS, FMP, and the UWM credentialing team; regular student body meetings; social media presence; and social gatherings whenever possible. UMSA’s purpose is to promote fellowship and cooperation among students and the UWSI, UUMS, FMP faculty, and staff. Membership is free, even though donations are greatly appreciated. UMSA builds relationships and addresses students’ concerns.

Join is on our private FB group at Unity Ministerial Students or use this link:
(our Admin, Claudia Olmos, will admit upon approval)

2021-2022 UMSA Board (past board)
President – Sonja Mathis
Vice-President – Jeff Berry
Treasurer – Thomas Deschutter
Secretary – Nadira Pardo
Members at Large:
Ann DeMichael
Jen Dickey (FaceBook Admin)
Lily Sandberg (FaceBook Admin)
Linda Burdett
Julia Baginski
Glory Cato

2022-2023 UMSA Board (new board)
President – Jeff Berry
Vice- President – Michele Coles
Treasurer – Stephen Fleming
Co-Secretaries – Micah LaGrave/Michele Coles

Members at Large:
Social Media Liaison- Claudia Olmos (FB Admin)
Chaplain – Lori Petrozoni
Anita Koch
Beci Rohkohl
Cylvia Hayes
Rev Sonja Mathis (Student board liaison)

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