Whether or not we get to see the leaves falling or little or no visible signs of changing seasons, this time of year offers an invitation to slow down and seek balance. It is represented by the way days and nights are the same length. Change is inevitable and it always provides opportunities to shift our consciousness and engage in much-needed self-care while honoring the journey that is our call to ministry. Join us for a time of relaxation and fun on October 15, November 19, December 17, and January 21. For more information…

Change is inevitable, and as we celebrate the Equinox, let us remember that we are life and we get to choose how we express it. One of those changes is the UWM Education Redesign which has generated lots of buzz. Our UMSA Facebook Page has a link to the UWM website (www.unityworldwideministries.org) where you will find answers to some of your questions about the UWSI Education Redesign. 

October 15: BYOPS (Bring Your Own Pumpkin Spice), Halloween Costume Contest, Games…

November 19: Gobble Goggle Gratitude (6:30pm CT)

December 17 : Jingle Mingle Social (6:30pm CT)

January 21Leadership Talk-Back (6:30pm CT)…chat with leaders of UWM, UUMS, UWSI

All events are virtual. Check your email for the link closer to the event dates. 

If you are not receiving emails from the UMSA, send us an email at um*******@gm***.com.

Send questions, prayer requests, and suggestions to um*******@gm***.com or

Facebook group: Unity Ministers Students Association.

UMSA (Unity Ministers Student Association) is committed to supporting fellow students in growing consciousness, transformation, and evolution on this exciting path to become ordained ministers within the Unity Movement!

by Lily Wong

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