Tom Scheinler
“It was definitely worth the effort. Wonderful classes and a terrific learning experience.” Anita Koch

Anita Koch and Tom Scheinler successfully completed the Advanced Metaphysics coursers and earned the Certification in Advanced Metaphysics on November 3, 2021. They join Julia Baginski, Cylvia Hayes, and Richard Pacheco, who were the first students to earn this certification since the program was added to the UUMS curriculum in 2020. The four elective Advanced Metaphysics courses, taught by Rev. Carole Lunde, must be taken in sequence and are only available to students in the Ministerial Studies Program (2nd and 3rd year). The lecture, reading, writing, observation, and discussion focus on examination of texts of Rev. Carole M. Lunde and Walter C. Lanyon. Instruction leads the student into a deeper dive into metaphysics.

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