By Kathy Beasley

I remember the excitement of our engagement as though it was yesterday. The glimmer of the ring took my breath away, such that I could hardly speak through tears of joy. The world felt electric to me.

Our story is a simple one of soul meets soul, introvert falls in love with an extrovert, the creative is intrigued by the intellectual, and the comedian finds solace in the entrepreneur’s arms. Our spiritual practices have expanded to include integrity, laughter, listening, surprise, and friendship. We find harmony in the Silence, truth in a stolen glance, and joy in a kitchen dance party.

It has been a mere 956 days since our wedding in the presence of our family of choice. It was a memorable day, filled with laughter, tears, joy, and a lot of really good music. It was also the day when my life and the living thereof changed forever because everything about July 22, 2018, was an answer to prayer and an anchor for my hopes and dreams

I recognize, as I sit here in the dim light of my once gathering my thoughts, that marriage is more than rites, rituals, customs, and ceremonies; a marriage is a living declaration of Truth, love, an act of faith between every breath.

Each day has been a lesson, a holy second chance, an opportunity to be free from the bond of precedent and released into the activity of Principle in our lives together. She and I each believe the power in our spoken words on that rainy Sunday afternoon became the foundation for every moment to come. What started as a vow has unfolded into a way of being that is lived out loud daily.

The words “I do” were not just a one-time nostalgic adventure. The words that we shared have become the infrastructure upon which all else in our life together rests, as each day is a chance to do all things in love and with love, over and over again.

The marriage ceremony has taught us how to live in the words that we spoke and to allow them to comfort us and remind us always of our Truth. Each day’s journey has been a divine opportunity to heal, have, hold, and honor with all that we are, in the presence of pure love.

We live, move, and find our being in the activity of Principle in what we say. We celebrate daily the divine doing and undoing of what matters most in each moment. The words of our quiet prayers brought us together, celebrated our union, and weave together our lives.

The story for us is always to remember “I do” in the practice of living as we endeavor to be who we are, trust the power within us, and hold on to one another when the ground shifts beneath our feet. No matter what, still, “I do.”

Rev. Kathy Beasley is minister at Central Florida Center for Spiritual
Living in Orlando

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