Penelope Yorke is a new instructor for Summer Term 2020.  Here is a bit about her, her book and class.

Penelope V. Yorke

Who am I? From a spiritual perspective, I am one who sought to understand, always asking the question “why?” of God. I particularly wanted to know why we humans suffer while on Earth. I wanted to understand in an attempt to end my own suffering. What followed was a journey, over 20 years, to seek answers. I have gained some understanding, and I have a lot more to acquire. What I do know for sure is this: we are souls on a journey of spiritual development on Earth. Each stage of this journey has specific lessons we must learn, and areas to reach in consciousness in order to evolve spiritually.
From a personal perspective: I have been a Marylander for my entire life. I love to travel internationally. I have a Master’s Degree in Education and a Bachelor’s of Arts degree with a specialization in Journalism and the Humanities.


Compass: The Journey of the Soul from Egypt to the Promised Land

I have reached the shores of the Promised Land!
After a long and arduous trek, the land of milk and honey promised to me by God it is finally in sight.
What is the Promised Land? It’s the place where you arrive when you are ready to manifest the deepest desires of your heart.
Have you arrived on the shores of your own land promised to you by God? What did you have to do to get there? What did you give up?
Where are you in spiritual consciousness in every area of your life? There are six stages of spiritual development:

• Egypt
• Red Sea
• Wilderness
• Jordan River
• Promised Land
• Christ Consciousness

Are you in Egypt, at the Red Sea, the Wilderness, the Jordan River, or the Promised Land? Perhaps a few of us have even transcended spiritually to the Christ Consciousness stage of spiritual development.

There is a map that each soul can follow to obtain spiritual enlightenment while on Earth. Every great spiritual leader has followed this road map: Moses, Buddha, Christ, and countless others. The path is open to all who decide to take a journey into the unknown depths of their soul.
This book will serve as your guide as you traverse through the lands, i.e., stages of spiritual development in your consciousness. Although Compass is written from a New Thought metaphysical perspective, the stages of spiritual development are universal, and the archetype of these stages can be found in every religion or spiritual practice.
Where are you in consciousness in the life areas of work, your personal life, a relationship with yourself and others, and spiritually? What do you have to do to evolve spiritually?

“Compass: The Journey of the Soul from Egypt to the Promised Land”

by Penelope V. Yorke

ISBN-10: 0986389625
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