The Hidden Realm of God: The Historical Jesus and His Healing Philosophy
by James Gaither ThD

Who was Jesus of Nazareth? This question has launched a perpetual stream of theories and books. “The Hidden Realm of God: the Historical Jesus and His Healing Philosophy” provides a fresh perspective on the question by building upon a century of scholarly work and systematically exploring sayings chosen by a group of modern scholars as most probably originating with the historical Jesus. “The Hidden Realm of God” is the first book to systematically link the sayings of the historical Jesus to 1st century Western philosophy, Eastern philosophy, and 21st century health science. The author synthesizes scientific, historical, and biblical research to make a case that the historical Jesus was a philosopher-healer. “The Hidden Realm of God” is more than an academic quest for the historical Jesus; it shows how his philosophy is still relevant for human life and health. “The Hidden Realm of God” shows how sayings of Jesus are related to findings in health research, modern hypnosis techniques, and ancient meditation methods of both Western and Eastern traditions.

The author describes his own original experimental research into the effects of contemplating Jesus’ words, indicating that listening to Jesus’ sayings can induce meditative states and reduce anxiety. The book also provides the readers with helpful suggestions for applying Jesus’ philosophy for health and well-being. Topics discussed in the book include: the academic quest for the historical Jesus – the life of Jesus – God, Faith & Healing – Optimism & Health – Love & Healing – Forgiveness – Jesus on the Laws of Moses – Meditation, Prayer & Healing – Self-knowledge & Transformation – Human potential – Jesus as a philosopher – Jesus as a humorist

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