Most Unity ministers have their story about the challenges they faced during Covid and how, with the help of Spirit, they worked with and through each situation to create a new way of looking at church. A new that had remnants of what had been and that included elements not imagined prior to the shut downs required during the pandemic.

Rev. Luz Lecour, senior minister at Unity of Citrus County, Lecanto FL shared her journey of how, during this challenging time, she brought her congregation into a stronger and more cohesive group than ever. They labored in love for one another, making every effort to stay connected, supporting and nurturing each other.

As a new minister, Rev. Luz never imagined she would need to reimage a way of doing ministry. She says, “It was frightening, and I often wondered if I’d be able to navigate my beloved community through all the changes.” But not only did she navigate, she guided her congregation to new heights.

Because of their commitment to their spiritual community, Rev. Luz, the Board, and the congregation brought the church financially into the black for the first time since 2018. When the church reopened with limited capacity in October 2020, they welcomed four new members with four more waiting to enter membership.

The most exciting and greatest growth came with the church’s outreach into the larger community. During Thanksgiving 2020, food was provided to 92 families, and their Angel Tree Project helped 12 less fortunate children have a joyous Christmas filled with gifts and food. Volunteers delivered food to the local resource center weekly. During the colder months they provided blankets, coats, and warm clothing for the homeless in the community. The congregation’s appreciation of abundance and prosperity reached a new level.

Connections among those at Unity of Citrus County thrived as staff and congregants became more literate in the use of technology. Weekly virtual support groups, live streamed Sunday services, and texting served as several ways the congregation stayed lovingly connected.

Rev. Luz feels blessed by her amazing journey of this past year. She attributes her growth to her UUMS family who prepared her for her calling and continue to support her.

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