On June 4, 2022, Rev. Wilma Taylor-Costen and other members of Team Renaissance Unity in Royal Oak, Michigan, were among over two thousand volunteers who participated in the 5k run and 3-mile walk through downtown Detroit. The event, sponsored by the Metroplex of Detroit for the American Heart Association, raised funds to bring awareness to the effects of congenital heart defects in infants and children, train thousands in life-saving CPR, fund groundbreaking brain and heart research, and champion health equity for all. Nearly 100 years ago, the American Heart Association was founded by six cardiologists to fight heart disease, stroke, and to save and improve the cardiovascular health of citizens. For more information on how to get involved in your community, visit the American Heart Association website: https://www.heart.org.

Dressed as “Queen of Hearts,” Team Renaissance members, Rev. Wilma Taylor-Costen (L) and Sharon Vitale (R), pose with “Hooper,” the mascot of the Detroit Pistons.


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