Rev. Carole Lunde has been teaching courses in Metaphysics for UUMS since 2013. She currently teaches the Advanced Metaphysics Certificate Specialty curriculum, which she developed in 2019. To date, six UUMS alumni have successfully completed the program and attained Advanced Metaphysics Certificates. Rev. Carole earned a bachelor’s degree in Interpersonal Communication and a Masters’s degree in Counseling and Psychology from Western Michigan University, where she also taught Communications courses. She graduated and was ordained by Unity in 1985. She has been a Prayer Associate in Silent Unity for more than a decade, and served in various Unity centers and churches, including Senior Minister at Unity Center of Columbia, Missouri; Unity Center of Silicon Valley, San Jose, California; Unity Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska. For the past six years, she has been Co-Minister of Unity Church Universal in Kansas City, Missouri. Rev. Carole is a classically trained vocalist and a published author. Her books are: The Divine Design: How to spiritually interpret your life (2007); You are in the Bible: Metaphysical Bible Interpretation for Your Life (2008); Stories from Martha’s House: The Biblical Gathering Place for Friends and Strangers (2009); Deborah, Judge, Prophetess, and Seer: The Woman Born to Become God’s Military Leader (2013); Finding Home in the Fourth Dimension: Fictionalized Autobiography (2016); The Great Highway of Life: Navigating the Bible Through Metaphysics (2016); Lot’s Daughters: Ancestors of King David (2019); The Witch of Endor, Sorceress or Goddess (2020); Jezebel, Queen of Darkness, Queen of Light (2020); Daniel and the Queen of Babylon (2022). Her books are available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, and IUniverse.

by Rev. Sandra Campbell

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