Cylvia Hayes

From her early years as a cowgirl and farm kid, Cylvia Hayes’ life has been less than conventional. She survived deep trauma and struck out on her own at 16. She worked as a heavy equipment operator and attended college on a soccer scholarship. She was the first in her family to earn a college degree and, as a young adult, she started several successful businesses, traveled to more than 20 countries, and was appointed by governors to various positions. She served as First Lady of Oregon. It was during her political career that she suffered intense and prolonged public shaming. That experience became the primary driver of the ministerial path she has taken. Her Ted-Talk, Who Do You Think You Are Really?, based on her book, “When Life Blows Up: A Guide to Peace, Power, and Reinvention,” has been widely viewed. She has several passions, including the environment, climate change, economic system change, and spirituality. She is the publisher of TRANSCEND, for people who want raised consciousness, economic system change, and a healthier, saner world. As founder of ReThink, Cylvia’s mission is to help humanity come into a healthier, restorative relationship with the rest of nature, and a more beautiful world that works for all living beings. Cylvia is a writer, speaker, and teacher. She has served on the Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM) EarthCare team, and is currently a Spiritual Leader and Intern with Unity Spiritual Community Central Oregon. She is a candidate for graduation and ordination in June 2023. For more information, Cylvia can be reached at Cy****@cy*********.com.



Artelle Gandy

Artelle Gandy is in her final year with UUMS, interning at West Side Unity in Detroit, and a candidate for licensing and ordination in June 2023. She has an amazing story about her journey to health and well-being and how she is influencing lifestyle changes for people all over the world. Following the death of her husband and other life challenges, Artelle’s weight escalated to 260 pounds. In a state of desperation, she knew she needed to make some major changes, beginning with nutrition and exercise. She found supportive people and shed 100 pounds, which she has kept off for more than two decades. Artelle recognized that the weight gain and poor health she experienced resulted from not paying attention to what she was putting into her body. Once she became more conscious of the types of foods she was eating and how she was caring for her body in other ways like regular exercise, her whole life changed. During the pandemic,


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