Tom Scheinler, Spiritual Leader at Unity of the Seacoast in Dover, NH and author of the article “Going Myrtle” (Unity Magazine, January/February 2021) has experienced numerous health challenges. In the face of those challenges, Tom continues to serve as a model for healing by applying the principles practiced by Unity co-founder Myrtle Fillmore. Following abdominal surgery, he spent  two months in the hospital. Today, he is back to riding his beloved motorcycle and serving his congregation.

Tom is especially grateful for his church community who kept things going during his hospitalization and recovery by hiring speakers, preparing and presenting talks, including recitations of some of his previous lessons. Under Tom’s dedicated leadership, Unity of the Seacoast has not missed a beat. They have added a game night, A Course in Miracles classes, poetry night, an acoustic circle, and will soon begin looking for a larger, more accessible space. During a recent service as Tom was speaking, a man carrying a box walked in and sat down among the congregation. To the surprise and elation of Tom and the congregation, that man was Rev. Mark Hicks, of TruthUnity Ministries, who brought copies of The Fillmore Study Bible for the church.

When Tom’s physician told him he would be in the hospital for six months, Tom’s immediate response was “They do not know Myrtle, and how Unity people pray. In one of my worst moments, I asked people to pray for me, and I was out of the hospital within a week.” Since then, Tom has regained 13 of the 40 pounds he lost and resumed daily workouts at the gym. Despite some issues, through the power of prayer and his never-give-up spirit, he is well on the road to full recovery. Tom, our thoughts and prayers are with you and we are keeping the high watch!

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  1. Tom is my spiritual leader, friend and mentor. He is a man who practices what he preaches and leads us to find our own understanding of the Divine. He is a true Unity minister, preacher and teacher. Unity of the Seacoast is truly blessed by his presence.

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