Registration for the UUMS Spring Term opens Friday, February 11, 2022. Classes begin February 23, 2022, and end May 3, 2022.
To register for classes, go to uums.org — Registration – Class Registration. Directions on how to register can be found on the Registration tab. If interested in taking classes for Audit or to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for credentialing, send your request to Rev. Karen Saunders, Registrar, at re******@uu**.org.

Ministerial Preparation Program (SEE)
First Session (2/23/2022 – 3/29/2022)
F1000 Foundations of Unity
F1033 Twelve Powers
F1039 Metaphysics 3
F1044 Meditation Practice

Second Session (3/30/2022 – 5/3/2022)

F1006  The Christ
F1023  Unity Prayer
F1040  Metaphysics 4
F1047  Overview Christian Scriptures

Ministerial Studies Program (2nd Year) 
CM2011 Youth and Family Ministry
CM3003 The Art of Storytelling (new)
CS2005 Ministry at End of Life
HI1006 Introduction to Theology
MM3004 Financial Management for Faith Based Initiatives

Third Year Ministerial Studies Classes
CM4001 Homiletics II
CS4002 Substance Use Disorder
IS5945 The Journey (required)*
MM3003 Planning & Strategies for Urban Ministry (required)
MM3005 Church Management

Internship Classes
IS5922 Credo
UUM5000 4th Year Internship/Project

*IS5945 – The Journey is for students prior to beginning their internship year.

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