Two New Courses Offered This Spring Term (February 23 – May 3, 2022)

The Quantum Living Process will be facilitated by Revs. Drs. Jane and Gary Simmons. The course offers a powerful path to personal transformation through the weaving together of scientific research and wisdom from the world’s mystical traditions. The primary aim of the course is to equip students with a self-directed, 21-day process to explore triggering or challenging moments and awaken unconscious programming set in motion in early childhood. Through weekly reading assignments and meaningful discussion, students will practice self-regulation tools and participate in “aware-apy” exercises and techniques. The course opens the way for heart-centered evolutionary transformation from limiting patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior.

The Art of Storytelling in Ministry will be facilitated by Rev. Sandra Campbell, an accomplished storyteller, playwright, reenactor, and Advanced Toastmaster. The better we communicate, the better we lead, and one of the best ways to communicate is through great storytelling. Humans lead storied lives. We are storytelling organisms. Stories stay with people longer than facts or statistics. Stories function as tools to pass on knowledge and wisdom. Stories pass on knowledge and wisdom, and bridge cultural, language, and generational divides. A story well-told captures attention, drives deep into the mind, and fires up the imagination like nothing else can. This class will engage students in the fine art of storytelling for sharing and interpreting experiences.

Registration for Spring opens on February 11, 2022. These courses are for those on the Ministry Path (have completed all SEE requirements). They are 10-weeks in duration. They are available for Audit or CEU credits to those who are credentialed Unity leaders.

To Register, go to, Click on Registration. Spring Term courses will be available for Registration on February 11, 2022.

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