By Paxton McCaghren


“God definitely led me to the right choice. And I couldn’t be happier.”


When there is more than one choice of schools to achieve the same end in any field and at any level, often we choose based on how one markets what it has to offer; what is held in high esteem, etc. 


In Unity ministry preparations there are two choices. And when deciding between the two offerings, I thought I chose the one I wanted. As one school bills itself as academic and the other metaphysical, I chose the metaphysical because I have such a huge academic background comprised of Undergrad degrees in Nursing, Psychology and Language Arts, Graduate degrees including a Master of Communications, A Master of Fine Arts in Film and Theatre, A Master of Divinity, and Educational Specialist Degree in Curriculum/Instruction and Education Administration, a Doctorate of Theology and a Ph. D in Transpersonal Psychology.


I chose the metaphysical school–The Urban School.

I also chose it because it has a wonderful history of educating marginalized populations. 

As it turns out I didn’t just choose the Urban School. I NEEDED the Urban School. I needed the personal growth as a minister it provides, but I needed something MORE. I needed to come down out of my academic towers and experience being taught by other Unity Ministers who do this for their absolute love and sacrifice for others. At first, I didn’t know what to think.


I was so used to academic flare and things being a certain way. And then suddenly, it was a home. It was a growing experience like I’ve never been given before, because it was all about me. Me standing in the shoes of ministry—for which I’ve been ordained in interfaith for several years, but that was academic and figuring it out as I went. Oh, I definitely needed and cherish the team approach that is the Urban School. Realizing how much those involved sacrifice on top of the regular jobs to make this happen has made me very happy to be part of something I’ve never been. A community. 


God definitely led me to the right choice. And I couldn’t be happier. 


If there is ever anything with my education background and teaching experience, I have that would serve the Urban School in the way it served me, I would be more than honored to be part of its legacy of continuing to give to others…be it teaching classes, or serving in determining academically equal for those coming in with no degree. 


And finally, Reverend Sandra, Thank you! When I first started in the Urban School, I had no idea it was about to be the most challenging in my personal life, with wrong medical diagnoses and my partner’s midlife crisis, and yet you were patient and encouraged me to keep going and I am so glad I did. 


The Urban School is, I can say, my favorite Unity ministry and I am so humbled and proud to have been part of it. 


Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Rev. Paxton McCaghren (2022)


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