“All problems, challenges, or whatever we may choose to call them, stem from this one basic problem—the inability to love ourselves totally and unconditionally.”
—Frank Giudici

If Frank Giudici’s statement is true—and I believe it is—then it means that all our efforts in prayer, healing and prosperity are compensations, not demonstrations. Rather than demonstrating health and prosperity, we are compensating for the lack of something more basic—something that keeps us from being whole and prosperous. It means that we do not have problems, but rather that we have a single problem that lies at the root of all life issues—that issue being that we have not learned to love ourselves totally and unconditionally.

Further, Frank Guidici’s statement implies that our everyday problems in life are not caused by our present conditions, but rather by a painful, broken experience that occurred early in life, most likely associated with one or both of our parents, or someone very significant in our life. It has reinforced for me the importance of bondedness—why those who bond seem to be free from many of life’s challenges and why those who have not adequately learned to be loved find life is a struggle.

Let’s assume Frank is right…

Then I propose that we set an intention—individually and as a movement—to heal the early childhood wounds that have taught us to not love ourselves fully and unconditionally.

And I propose that we do this between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day this year and every year. I propose that along side the season of Lent and the season of Advent—our two holy seasons—we establish a new season—a season of Healing—a season devoted to fully healing the “parent wound” that lies at the root of all life’s problems.

Unity may be the best-equipped denomination to help culture heal the parent wound. That we have a theology of “mother-father” God and that our movement is equally open and responsive to feminine and masculine energy are things that can help many overcome a sense of shame and separation.

I hope these are a blessing for you.

Mother’s Day 2017


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